A terrific book about the personalities, strategies and tactics of high-profile activist investors. The stories are fascinating about the activist game plan and how it is changing…
— Robert J. Swieringa, Professor and Dean Emeritus, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University


Activist investors have sent shockwaves through corporations as they tirelessly target individual directors and executives at some of the world’s largest companies. No longer satisfied with operating on the fringes of business, they are now a firm fixture in the boardroom.

 Barbarians in the Boardroom tells a captivating story of boardroom battles, discarded CEOs and ever more adventurous activists. Chronicling many of the foremost C-suite campaigns of recent years, it profiles and interviews the steadfast protagonists and tenacious mavericks from investor campaigns as diverse as Microsoft, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, Walgreens Boots, DuPont, Allergan, Alliance Trust and Darden Restaurants.

Exposing what it is that activists typically demand from target companies and how they make them bend to their will, award-winning journalist Owen Walker reveals how some of the world’s largest companies fared when pursued by activists and discloses the sometimes startling and unintended outcomes once the hostilities are over.

Excellent overview of activist hedge funds – it tells readers how these funds brought about significant changes in corporate boardrooms.
— Robert C. Pozen, Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School, former Chair of MFS Investment Management
The rise of shareholders activists is one of the great capital market stories of the day. Packed with riveting tales from the activist battlefront, Owen Walker’s book does it full justice.
— John Plender, Financial Times Columnist
Barbarians in the Boardroom is an excellent forensic analysis of the new era of activist investing and the first to cover campaigns that have ousted S&P 500 boards, promoted giant mergers and permanently changed the roles played by boards of directors.
— Josh Black, Editor-in-Chief, Activist Insight
A great guide to how activist investors work - essential for corporate directors, investors and anyone with a passing interest. Filled with insights into a number of the most high-profile personality clashes and boardroom battles.
— Barry Parr, Co-Chair of the Association of Member Nominated Trustees and Non-Exec Director of CrowdBnk